United Automobile Workers

Oct 30 2021

John Deere UAW Members Reach A Tentative Agreement

MOLINE, ILL - UAW President Ray Curry and UAW Vice President Chuck Browning announced today that the elected national bargaining team at John Deere has reached a tentative agreement and will remain on strike throughout the ratification process.

“Our UAW John Deere national bargaining team went back to our local members after the previous tentative agreement and canvassed the concerns and priorities of membership.” said Curry. “We want to thank the UAW bargaining team and striking UAW members and their families for the sacrifices they have made to achieve these gains. Our members have enjoyed the support of our communities and the entire labor movement nationwide as they have stood together in support and solidarity these past few weeks.”

Chuck Browning, UAW Vice President and Director of the Agricultural Implement Department said the agreement contains enhanced economic gains and continues to provide the highest quality healthcare benefits in the industry. “The negotiators focused on improving the areas of concern identified by our members during our last ratification process.”

The UAW will not release details of the Tentative Agreement until members at all John Deere locations have an opportunity to meet and review the terms of their proposed contract.

Members should reach out to their local unions for more information about the time and location of meeting and subsequent ratification votes.

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