United Automobile Workers

Sep 16 2023

Statement on Stellantis Belvidere Assembly

Today, UAW President Shawn Fain released the following statement:

“Today, a Stellantis executive told the press that the company had put forward a proposal to reopen Belvidere Assembly Plant but that they are now taking it back.

That’s how they see these workers. A bargaining chip.

Belvidere Assembly was a profitable plant that just a few years ago supported around 5,000 workers and their families. Now that number is zero, and Stellantis wants to keep playing games.

Their attitude is: Stellantis giveth, and Stellantis taketh away.

Our attitude is: Save Belvidere.”

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Contact Information

Jonah Furman
Director, UAW Communications

Feldman Strategies, team@feldmanstrategies.com