United Automobile Workers

May 26 2021

UAW President Rory L. Gamble Praises Senator Stabenow’s Made in America Provision Reported Out of Committee in the Clean Energy for America Act

Detroit - Led by U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senate Democrats, future jobs in America will be protected for decades to come through provisions that tie key consumer rebates for electric vehicles (EV’s) to good paying, union auto jobs made domestically.

The Stabenow Made in America Provision, reported out of committee, would continue a $7,500 consumer credit for EVs but add for the next five years a $2,500 bonus for autos assembled in the United States and another $2,500 for meeting certain worker focused labor standards. The $12,500 rebates would apply as a rebate on tax returns. 

And, after five years a vehicle must be assembled in the U.S. for consumers to be eligible to receive a $10,000 base credit and an additional $2,500 bonus credit for vehicles that are union made or apply worker focused labor standards.

“Today, Debbie Stabenow and Senate Democrats stood up for the American worker and protecting good paying union jobs of the future by reporting this out of committee,” said UAW President Rory L. Gamble. “This legislation once and for all makes sure that federal investment in EV production will directly create the good paying union jobs of the future President Biden has championed.”

Gamble said he would hope the provision will gain bi-partisan support given the previous administration's support for Made in America provisions. “Senator Stabenow and Senate Democrats stood up for workers today in a big way and we think these common sense provisions are good for all Americans, for all workers, and for a return on promised jobs. We welcome future bi-partisan support and we commend President Biden, Sen. Stabenow and Senate Democrats for standing up for American workers.”

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