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Mar 05 2024

“We Stood Together": Workers at Auto Supplier GNS North America Vote to Join UAW Local 900, Region 1A

The 100 workers at GNS North America in Canton, Michigan voted to join UAW Local 900, Region 1A on February 20th.  These workers make hot stamping and conventional stamped parts for GM, Tesla, and Stellantis.  This includes structural parts, roof enforcements, bumper components, B-pillars, and door beams.

“My coworkers, the VOCs, and I wanted to form and start a Union. We felt a change was much needed,” said Weld Operator, Gwendolyn Green.  “I am very honored and excited to be a part of this group and most of all a part of the UAW once again.” 

“Although the organizing process has been very rewarding; it was exhausting.  Being under management's microscope throughout the campaign and not knowing what new union busting tactics they would throw at us the next day,” said Laser Automation Technician, Roberto Garcia.  “In spite of the company's efforts to suppress our Union, we stood together in the face of adversity, supported each other, rallied others and ultimately, got the win!  Looking forward to the much-needed change and a brighter future for all of us at GNS.”

Weld Automation Technician, Brian Herbst says, “Forming a union now gives us workers a voice that will be heard.”

“We welcome the GNS workers to the UAW and Local 900,” said UAW Local 900 President Dwayne Walker.  “UAW Local 900 has a long tradition of standing with workers and the community to make people’s lives better.  Congratulations on this hard-fought win!”

Region 1A Director, Laura Dickerson said “We’re very excited to have the members of GNS as part of Local 900 and Region 1A.”  “Workers are exercising their rights and making sure their voices are heard.”

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